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May 12, 2017

#1836: Okeanos


[The comic takes place during a typical YouTube livestream. The livestream video titled “Camera 1: Exploring the Central Pacific Basin” is provided by the channel “OceanExplorerGov” and recorded from Okeanos Explorer exploratory vessel. On the left hand side, the live video feed is playing, showing a jellyfish in the ocean’s depths. On the right hand side, the live chat is displayed.]

User #1: Fake

User #2: Who else is watching this in 2017?

User #3: Is this prerendered or will this be in the game?

User #4: That squid is a neoliberal

User #5: Why do the McElroys never talk

User #6: Stop messing around and eat the fish already

User #7: This is why Trump won

User #8: Why do u never craft anything

User #9: This is just a distraction

User #10: Something is wrong with that baby giraffe

[Caption below the panel:]

I love watching the Okeanos Ocean Exploration livestream, but it’s probably for the best that they don’t enable chat.