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May 1, 2017

#1831: Here to Help

Here to Help

[Megan, standing next to Hairy, is addressing the reader holding her arms out. Cueball walks in from the right.]

Megan: Our field has been struggling with this problem for years.

[Cueball holds his laptop high up in one arm above Megan’s head while holding his other arm out as well. Megan has turned to look at him.]

Cueball: Struggle no more! I’m here to solve it with algorithms!

[In a frame-less panel Cueball sits on a chair at a desk with his laptop working on it, while Hairy and Megan looks on from behind.]

[Cueball, still sitting at his laptop, points at the screen. Megan raises her arms and four small lines above her head, on either side of her speech line, indicate her annoyance with Cueball.]

Six months later:

Cueball: Wow, this problem is really hard.

Megan: You don’t say.