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April 3, 2017

#1819: Sweet 16

Sweet 16

[The comic shows a direct elimination bracket (a single-elimination tournament): there is a single match played by every pair of teams, and the winners of those matches are paired up for the next round of matches, this continues until there are no more matches to be played. There are sixteen teams described here (hence the number in the title), eight on each side of the empty rectangle in the middle. Every two teams are connected, these connectors are then also connected, these connectors are yet again connected, and a final pair of connectors, after making one counter-clockwise right angle turn, end up in the top and bottom edges of the central rectangle. The bracket is empty, no results of any of the matches are indicated.]

[These are paired.] A school with a dog on their team A school whose team is entirely dogs

[These are paired.] A dog team with one human A dog team with one cat

[These are paired.] A baseball team playing basketball A basketball team with baseball gear

[These are paired.] NBA2K17 top players NBA2K17 top developers

[These are paired.] The 1988 Los Angeles lakers Four kindergarteners and Lebron James

[These are paired.] Boxers playing basketball Basketball players in boxing gloves

[These are paired.] A team playing on stilts A team playing on Segways

[These are paired.] A bad team that would make a good Cinderella story A good team playing in glass slippers