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April 19, 2017

#1826: Birdwatching


[Cueball and Knit Cap with a knit cap are standing together looking up in the sky. Cueball holds a camera with a large lens down in front of him, and his friend holds binoculars down in front of him.]

Cueball: Birdwatching is hard.

Cueball: They’re all way too small and far away.

[In a frame-less panel they both raise their tool eyepieces to their eyes.]

Cueball: That hawk is over a mile up! How did you even spot it?

[Both lower their eyepiece again. The friend still looks up while Cueball looks down on his camera which he holds up in front of him. A black squiggly line above his head indicates that he is fuming over his camera’s abilities.]

[Cueball now has a vacuum cleaner with a big body and a large hose which he is pointing towards the sky, as air is visibly sucked in to the hose and the vacuum cleaner is making a very loud noise which extends beyond the frame of the panel.Cueball is holding one hand on the vacuum cleaner which has a label with its brand on it. Cueball’s camera lies on the ground in front of the vacuum cleaner. The friend looks back at Cueball.]

Vacuum cleaner: Whrrrrr

Label: Shop Vac