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March 20, 2017

#1813: Vomiting Emoji

Vomiting Emoji

[Cueball, looking at his smartphone, approaches Megan who is sitting in an office chair at a desk working on her laptop. Next to Megan’s reply is a large yellow faced emjoi with closed eyes and a large open mouth from where a thick green stream of vomit is gushing out. ]

Cueball: The proposed emoji for Unicode 10.0 look good.

Megan: Hmm.

Megan: “U+1F92E Face with open mouth vomiting”

[Cueball is holding his phone down looking at Megan’s screen.]

Cueball: Eww.

Megan: Really, “vomiting” should be a combining modifier, so you can use it to make a vomiting version of any emoji.

Cueball: Umm.

Megan: I’m gonna write up a proposal.

[Megan’s proposal with six examples of vomiting emoji. All six are colorful also apart from the green stream of vomit gushing out of mouth or holes when there is no mouth. Above the list is Megan’s suggested title for the modifier, and the title for each emoji is next to them in the list. The cowboy is like the original version but with a hat. The Statue of Liberty is blue and bends forward to vomit. The gray dove has lost its green olive branch, now above its head. The yellow moon is in first quarter and has a face. The red and blue rocket has fire out the rear and the vomit out an open hatch. The yellow hand has a big hole in its center.]

U+1F93F Vomiting modifier

U+1F920 U+1F93F Vomiting cowboy

U+1F5FD U+1F93F Vomiting Statue of Liberty

U+1F54A U+1F93F Vomiting dove

U+1F31B U+1F93F Vomiting moon

U+1F680 U+1F93F Vomiting rocket ship

U+270B U+1F93F Vomiting hand