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March 13, 2017

#1810: Chat Systems

Chat Systems

[An Euler diagram with many circle like drawings for various chat systems is shown. Some circles overlapping others in complicated ways, others are single circles with no connections, but most are embedded into others. Inside the circles mainly the standard sticky figures like Cueball, Megan, Ponytail and Hairy are shown but there are also a few others.]

[The list of items and its intersections from left top to right bottom is:]

Skype - none, Email

Email - none, Skype, SMS, Slack, Hangouts, IRC, ICQ, iMessage, Signal, WhatsApp, Zephyr, FB Messenger, Instagram DM, BBM, Telegram, Twitter DM

SMS - none, Email, Slack, Hangouts, IRC, Snapchat, iMessage, Signal, WeChat, WhatsApp, Zephyr, FB Messenger, Instagram DM, Peach, BBM, Twitter DM

AIM - none

Slack - Email, SMS, Hangouts, IRC, Signal

Hangouts - Email, SMS, Slack, IRC, Signal

IRC - Email, SMS, Slack, Hangouts, Signal

Snapchat - SMS

ICQ - Email

iMessage - Email, SMS, Signal, FB Messenger

Signal - Email, SMS, Slack, Hangouts, IRC, iMessage, Zephyr, Instagram DM

WeChat - SMS

WhatsApp - Email, SMS

Zephyr - Email, SMS, Signal

FB Messenger - Email, SMS, iMessage

Instagram DM - Email, SMS, Signal

Peach - SMS

BBM - Email, SMS

Telegram - none, Email

Twitter DM - none, Email, SMS

The “chat” tab in an old Google Doc - none

Apache Request Log - none

Wall (Unix) - none

Wall (bathroom) - none

[Caption below the panel:]

I have a hard time keeping track of which contacts use which chat systems.