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March 1, 2017

#1805: Unpublished Discoveries

Unpublished Discoveries

[Ponytail walks up to Megan, who is sitting in an office chair at a desk using her laptop.]

Ponytail: When you make a big scientific discovery, it takes a while to get it published.

Ponytail: Right?

Megan: Mm hmm.

[Zoom-in on Ponytail.]

Ponytail: So there are probably several research teams out there who are sitting on Nobel-Prize-worthy discoveries, but haven’t told the rest of us yet.

Megan (off-panel): Makes sense.

[Ponytail leans over the desk, trying to see Megan’s laptop screen from behind it.]

[Ponytail leans further. Megan pulls the screen down so Ponytail cannot see it.]

Ponytail: Sooo… What are you working on?

Megan: It isn’t me!

Ponytail: I promise I won’t tell.

Megan: Shoo! Go bother someone else.