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February 24, 2017

#1803: Location Reviews

Location Reviews

[Inside the main panel there is a frame with a Google location map with the typical red pin stuck in the center of the map inside a large gray region of the map. A river goes from the north through the gray region and out to the west. East and south of the river some roads and other items are shown, several of them also outside the gray region. The red pin is stuck next to a corner in one of the roads.]

[Below the map is the name of the location at the red pin, and below that there are three lines of unreadable text:]

Canyon River Nuclear Launch Facility

[Below that there is broken line with text in the break, and below that follows 11 reviews with yellow stars to the left. The stars are either just outlines or colored completely, with the left one always being filled:]

Reviews (22)

[5 of 5 stars filled] Greatest country on earth

[2 of 5 stars filled] Looks cool but you can’t get in

[1 of 5 stars filled] What is this store

[4 of 5 stars filled] My cousin worked here

[2 of 5 stars filled] Waitstaff heavily armed and very rude

[1 of 5 stars filled] Stop doing chemtrails

[1 of 5 stars filled] This place is a symptom of the military-industrial complex strangling our democracy and…(read full review-1184 words)

[4 of 5 stars filled] Anyone else notice the hole in the west fence?

[5 of 5 stars filled] Whoa, missiles!

[3 of 5 stars filled] Good idea but confusing web site. How do I preorder?

[1 of 5 stars filled] Please don’t launch these

[Caption below the panel:]

I love finding reviews of places that really don’t need to have reviews.