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December 8, 2017

#1926: Bad Code

Bad Code

[Cueball is at his desk on a swivel chair, using his computer. Ponytail walks towards him.]

Ponytail: That’s the ugliest mess of code I’ve ever seen. What on earth are you working on?

[Cueball swivels his chair to face Ponytail in a frameless panel.]

Cueball: It’s nothing weird this time, I swear.

Cueball: It just looks bad because it’s a spreadsheet formula.

[Cueball is turns back towards the computer while Ponytail looks over his shoulder at the computer screen.]

Cueball: …which assembles a Haskell function.

Ponytail: Uhhh.

Cueball: …for parsing HTML.

Ponytail: …oh my God.

[Ponytail points away from the scene while still looking at the computer screen.]

Cueball: It’s ok! Nothing depends on this.

Ponytail: That wall isn’t load-bearing. Does that mean we can just throw hammers at it?

Cueball: …I mean…

Ponytail: Wait. Crap.