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December 29, 2017

#1935: 2018


[Megan is walking.]

Megan: I wonder if 2018 will be a leap year.

[Now it turns out that Cueball walks behind Megan.]

Cueball: …it won’t be, right?

Megan: I doubt anyone knows at this point.

[Same scene in a frame-less panel.]

Cueball: No, it’s definitely not. Leap years are divisible by 4.

Megan: Right, and for odd numbers, that’s easy.

Megan: But 2018 is even.

Megan: 50/50 chance.

[Zoomed-out view with both walking in silhouette on a dark slightly curved ground.]

Cueball: I can settle this with a calculator.

Megan: No way. If it were easy to factor large numbers like that, modern cryptography would collapse.

Cueball: I see.

Megan: I just hope we manage to brute-force it by February.