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November 6, 2017

#1912: Thermostat


[Hairy, with a headset on, is sitting in an office chair at a desk with his hands ready on the keyboard of his computer.]

Hairy: Tech support, how can I help you?

[Cueball is on his smartphone while looking at a small blinking panel on the wall in front of him.]

Cueball: The little LCD on my thermostat says Error: Android system recovery: Unrecognized boot volume “/MONTHLY ENERGY REPORT (1).DOC”

[In a frame-less beat panel Hairy just stares at his screen with his hands on his lap.]

[Back to Cueball, now with Hairy’s reply coming from the smartphone in a box with a jagged arrow pointing to the smartphone.]

Cueball: It’s asking if I want to partition the volume. What should I do?

Hairy (on the phone): Have you tried walking into the sea.