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November 29, 2017

#1922: Interferometry


[Cueball is walking behind Beret Guy, who is walking two small dogs on two leashes.]

Beret Guy: Interferometry. Is so cool!

[They stop and Beret Guy is holding the leashes in his hand. He has taken them off the dogs and points at the dogs, which he has placed facing outward so they are standing a couple of paces apart. The distance between them is indicated by a labeled line.]

Beret Guy: If you put two small dogs a large distance apart, they can function as a single giant dog.

Line: d

[Cueball begins to speak but is cut off by Beret Guy yelling as he jumps into the space above the two dogs, with each leg a good distance above one of the dogs. (The leashes have disappeared, as well as the distance line).]

Cueball: I’m not sure that’s-

Beret Guy: Hyah!

[As Cueball watches, Beret Guy floats on top of the invisible giant dog about a meter above the two small dogs, and then rides away with the two small dogs still seen below as they run to the right, leaving Cueball standing in the dust the “big” dog creates in its wake. The invisible giant dog barks from a position just in front of Beret Guy’s face, far above the two small dogs.]

Invisible giant dog: WOOF

Beret Guy: Away!