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October 30, 2017

#1909: Digital Resource Lifespan

Digital Resource Lifespan

My access to resources on [SUBJECT] over time:

[Below, a timeline and a graph with gray bars is shown:]

[1980s-past 2020:]

Book on subject

[Early 2000s-past 2020:]



[SUBJECT] web database

Site goes down, backend data not on archive.org

[Small bar, 2000-2016/17:]

Java frontend no longer runs


[SUBJECT] mobile app (Local university project)

Broken on new OS, not updated


[SUBJECT] analysis software

Broken on new OS, not updated

[Late 1990s-late 2000s:]

Interactive [SUBJECT] CD-ROM

CD scratched; new computer has no CD drive anyway.

[1980s-past 2020:]

Library microfilm [SUBJECT] collection

[Caption below the panel:]

It’s unsettling to realize how quickly digital resources can disappear without ongoing work to maintain them.