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October 20, 2017

#1905: Cast Iron Pan

Cast Iron Pan

[White Hat is holding a pan by the handle pointing to the frying surface as he shows it to Cueball.]

White Hat: Never clean a cast-iron pan with soap. It destroys the seasoning.

Cueball: Got it.

[White Hat shift the pan to his right hand and lowers it to his side holding a finger up in front of Cueball.]

White Hat: If you ever let soap touch the pan, throw it away. You’re clearly not up to taking care of it.

Cueball: Wow, okay.

[In a frame-less panel White Hat has taken the pan back to the first hand holding on the the edge while he holds his other hand close to the frying surface.]

White Hat: Apply moisturizer to the pan daily to keep it fresh.

Cueball: …Moisturizer?

White Hat: Do you want it to get all wrinkly?

Cueball: …I…guess not.

[White Hat has shifted the pan to the second hand again holding it by the handle away from Cueball, while pointing at Cueball with the other hand.]

White Hat: Twice a year, fill the pan with iron filings and leave it in direct sunlight for 24 hours.

Cueball: Wait. 24 hours of sun?

White Hat: If you’re not willing to travel to the Arctic, you don’t deserve cast iron.