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October 2, 2017

#1897: Self Driving

Self Driving

[Inside a frame there is the following text above an image:]

To complete your registration, please tell us whether or not this image contains a stop sign:

[The square image is a drawing of a road leading up to a sign post with a hard to read word at the top part of the eight-sided sign. The sign also has two smaller signs left and right with unreadable text. The image is of poor quality, but trees and other obstacles next to the road can be seen. Darkness around the edges of the image could indicate that it is night and the landscape is only lit up by a cars head lights.]

Sign: Stop

[Beneath the image there are two large gray buttons with a word in each:]

No Yes

[Beneath the buttons are the following text:]

Answer quickly – our self-driving car is almost at the intersection.

[Caption beneath the frame:]

So much of “AI” is just figuring out way to offload work onto random strangers.