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October 16, 2017

#1903: Bun Trend

Bun Trend

[Beret Guy holds a stick and points at a board next to him. The board contains a picture of a rabbit, a data point graph, and other notes.]

Beret Guy: Good morning, Governor. Our tracking systems show a rapid increase in the number of buns around the Capitol.

[Hairy is sitting at an office desk and facing Beret Guy in a frameless panel.]

Hairy: Buns?

Beret Guy: Yes; there’s been a long-term upward trend, but it has accelerated recently.

Hairy: The trend in… rabbits.

Beret Guy: Yes.

[Beret Guy takes out his phone.]

Hairy: So… so what?

Beret Guy: So if you want to see some buns, there are lots of them outside!

[Beret Guy’s phone vibrates]

Phone: beep!

Beret Guy: Ooh!

Beret Guy: There’s a small one right now!

[Zoom-in on Beret Guy.]

Hairy (offscreen): Do you… actually work for me?

Beret Guy: Almost certainly. We had an election, right? I wrote my name in on the thing.

Hairy (offscreen): Security?

Beret Guy: It’s been an honor to serve.