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October 13, 2017

#1902: State Borders

State Borders

[An outline map of the United States is shown, including state boundaries. The following edit marks are shown in red text:]

[Minnesota’s Northwest Angle is circled] Give to Canada

[Border between Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is crossed out] This should be Wisconsin

[New York’s Long Island is circled, with arrows and question marks pointing to New Jersey and Connecticut] Move Long Island to NJ or CT or make it its own state

[New York’s eastern border has been straightened]

[Wyoming’s western border is moved to align with that of Colorado. The Montana/Idaho and Idaho/Utah borders are extended to reach the new border. Similarly, Colorado’s eastern border is moved to align with that of Wyoming, and the Nebraska/Kansas border has been extended] Align to grid

[West Virginia’s northern panhandle has been given to Ohio and part of its eastern panhandle has been given to Maryland. In return, Western Maryland has been given to West Virginia. The altogether effect is that West Virginia and Maryland have more compact shapes] Clean Up

[Rhode Island has been enlarged to encompass southeastern Massachusetts, and Delaware now takes up the entire Delmarva Peninsula] Enlarge Rhode Island & Delaware

[The Oklahoma Panhandle has been extended west until it reaches Nevada, taking the northernmost parts of Arizona and New Mexico with it] If we’re going to have a panhandle, why not commit to it?

[The Missouri Bootheel has been given to Arkansas] Fix this thing

[The part of Virginia west of the Appalachian Mountains has been given to Kentucky]

[The southwestern and eastern borders of Nevada have been extended into Arizona until they meet a point. A part of California is slightly extended to reach the revised border]

[Parts of Arizona and New Mexico have been ceded to Mexico, and part of Texas has been given to New Mexico, so that the southern borders of Arizona and New Mexico and the northern border of the Trans-Pecos area of Texas collectively form a straight line] Clean Up

[Parts of northeastern Texas have been given to Arkansas and Louisiana]

[The northern and southern borders of Tennessee have been straightened] Straighten to fix survey errors

[A line has been traced along the coasts of South Carolina, Georgia, and northern Florida] Good curve! Keep.

[Alaska’s southeastern panhandle has been circled] Let’s be honest - this should be Canada, too.

[The Alabama/Florida border has been erased, and Alabama’s eastern border has been extended south until it meets the Gulf of Mexico] Why should Florida get Alabama’s coastline? It has plenty.

[Caption below the panel:]

It was scary when graphic designers seized control of the country, but it turned out they just wanted to fix some things about the state borders that had always bothered them.