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January 4, 2017

#1781: Artifacts


[Cueball is standing on a podium pointing at his presentation which includes a large line graph in the center part. There is plenty of text on the presentation, but none of it is readable. The central part of the line is raised high above the left and right part. The point where the line drops towards right is highlighted with a circle, with a double arrow above it pointing to a caption. There is also text next to the circle to the right. Above the graph there are three smaller panels with drawings. There is one caption above these, and also one above the large graph. Below the graph there are two smaller panels with curves, each panel has it’s own caption. Cueball addresses an unseen audience, and one from the audience interrupts him.]

Cueball: The data clearly proves that-

Offscreen voice: Are you Indiana Jones?

Offscreen voice: Because you’ve got a lot of artifacts there, and I’m pretty sure you didn’t handle them right.