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September 9, 2016

#1731: Wrong


[White Hat is walking beside Megan, index finger extended]

White Hat: Really, we’re all made of antimatter. A proton consists of two quarks and an antiquark.

Megan: …I don’t think that’s right.

[White Hat stops to take out his smartphone tapping on it. Megan stops and turns towards him.]

White Hat: Sure it is. Neutrons are, too.

Megan: Do you mean “up” and “down” quarks? I think antiquarks are a different thing.

White Hat: No, let me show you…



[Zooming in on White Hat’s head, while he is holding his phone up looking at it. He is thinking as shown with a bubbly thought bubble.]

White Hat (thinking): I’m…wrong?

[White Hat has lowered the phone. He is still thinking the same but the text has been scribbled out.]

White Hat (thinking): I’m…wrong?

[White Hat purges the thought from his mind]

White Hat (thinking): …

[Similar setting as in the first panel, but in a full row wide panel, and White Hat is still holding his smartphone]

White Hat: Really, the whole idea of “particles” is inaccurate. These are abstractions arising from quantum field theory, but what most people don’t realize is…

Megan: Sigh