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September 7, 2016

#1730: Starshade


[Megan and Ponytail are walking.]

Megan: Space telescopes could see exoplanets better if they used free-floating opaque discs to block the stars’ glare.

[They stop walking in this zoom in on their heads. Ponytail has turned towards Megan.]

Megan: They thought about including one with the Webb telescope, but cut it to save money.

Ponytail: Well… does it have to be their disc?

[In this frame-less panel Megan is left standing as Ponytail turns and walks away.]

Megan: What do you mean?

Ponytail: Like, if I Kickstart a starshade for them?

Megan: Um. Would you at least warn them?

Ponytail: Eh. Whatever.

[Cueball and Hairbun, both wearing headsets, are sitting on one legged stools on either side of a slim desk with two computers screens on top of it. Each are looking at their own screens while typing on a keyboard in front of them. Hairbun is pointing at her screen. A small frame is overlaid on the top of the panels frame with a caption:]

NASA, 2018:

Cueball: Initiating Webb calibrat-

Cueball: Aaaaa! What the hell is that!?

Hairbun: Hey, look, exoplanets!