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September 30, 2016

#1740: Rosetta


[A control room with Megan and Hairy sitting on stools in front of an opposite desk with computers. Hairy has his arms in the air. Ponytail is standing between them with Cueball, she is watching Megan and he is looking at Hairy.]

Megan: Signal lost.

Megan: Rosetta has impacted the comet.

Ponytail: Good work everyone.

Hairy: Woooo!

[Zoom on Ponytail, still looking at Megan and Cueball who has turned towards Ponytail.]

Cueball: So.

Cueball: Do you think we deflected it?

[Ponytail turns to Cueball as does Hairy who turns and looks away from his computer.]

Ponytail: Huh?

Cueball: Did we hit the comet hard enough to deflect it away from Earth?

[In a frame-less panel Ponytail talks with Cueball.]

Ponytail: That… Is that what you thought we were doing?

Cueball: I just assumed…

[Megan enters whispering in Ponytail’s ear, holding a hand up to her mouth. Ponytail still looks at Cueball who raises his arms up in the air.]

Megan: He’s a huge Armageddon fan. Let him have this.

Ponytail: Okay, fine.

Ponytail: Yes! We did it! The Earth is saved!

Cueball: Wooo!