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August 8, 2016

#1717: Pyramid Honey

Pyramid Honey

[Cueball and Megan are talking.]

Cueball: Apparently honey has an infinite shelf life. They just found jars of it in the pyramids, still good.

Megan: You know, I’ve heard that, and I don’t think it’s true.

[Black hat enters.]

Cueball: Really? Smithsonian magazine confirmed it.

Megan: Believe it or not, I think their source is wrong.

Black Hat: I believe you.

[Megan has turned to Black Hat raising her hands.]

Megan: See I read about the archaeologists who-

Black Hat: I’m convinced. Gonna go to tell the internet.

[Black Hat moved closer to Megan and Cueball.]

Megan: Wait, are you sure? Let me explain why I-

Black Hat: Don’t need it. I’ve heard enough.

[Zoom-in on Black Hat’s head.]

Black Hat: I’ve been looking for a weird hill to die on, and all the real ones are too far from my house.

Black Hat: So this is mine. I’m now a pyramid honey truther.

[Zoom back out. Black Hat starts walking left, pointing a finger up. Cueball and Megan turn to look after him.]

Black Hat: Time to start a Facebook group and post a bunch of all-caps comments everywhere.

Cueball: This could have gone better.

Megan: Oh well.