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August 5, 2016

#1716: Time Travel Thesis

Time Travel Thesis

[Cueball is facing Megan, talking to her.]

Cueball: I’ve been reading about time travel.

Megan: Cool! I did my thesis on time travel!

[Cueball is now gesturing toward Megan. An electrical charge of some sort is shown occurring outside the panel in the bottom right corner behind Megan.]

Cueball: Nice! So you know about closed timelike curves?

Megan: Yup. Thesis.

Cueball: Apparently wormholes can use exotic matter to–

Megan: I know. Like I said–

Charge: Bzzzt!

[Megan has turned away from Cueball to the right. Megan from the future, wearing sunglasses, a headset and a machine strapped to her back has entered the frame from the right where the charge appeared.]

Future-Megan: You can skip this conversation. It doesn’t turn out to be important.

Megan: Oh, thank God.

[Cueball is standing alone, the two Megans have left the panel.]