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August 3, 2016

#1715: Household Tips

Household Tips

[Cueball is standing outside a bathtub with the shower curtains partly drawn aside hanging outside the tub. The shower head is dripping water as Cueball reaches in turning the closest of the two taps. Below these there is a faucet. There is water on the floor at the bottom of the tub and a pool of water behind Cueball.]

Cueball: Hi everyone! I’m back with more household tips. To conserve water, try turning off your shower before you leave home.

[Cueball is holding a bucket and pours water out of it to the right. The water still hangs in the air over a small fire with four flames on the floor. A similar fire is behind him to the left, except it seems thre is a burning item in this fire, and a single flame is on the floor between that and Cueball. A smoke detector (off-panel) goes off in the background as indicated with lines and sounds.]

Cueball: Sick of changing those smoke detector batteries? Eliminate any fires in your house and the batteries can last for months or years!

Smoke detector (off panel): Beep beep beep

[A frame-less panel shows a a toilet with the toilet seat up and also the lid has been removed from the cistern at the top. It is hanging in the air above and behind the cistern. There is an X with an arrow pointing towards the cistern and a checkmark with an arrow pointing towards the toilet bowl.]

Cueball (off-panel): Tired of clogged toilets? Try leaving the lid on the upper chamber and use only the lower bowl!


[Cueball holding a hand up is standing next to an open window where the bottom part has been slid almost up to the top.]

Fresh air doesn’t have to be expensive. Many windows can be slid up to create a temporary hole without the usual cost and cleanup!