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August 19, 2016

#1722: Debugging


[Cueball and White Hat are walking, while Cueball holds a hand out while talking.]

Cueball: I was trying to figure out why my browser was acting weird.

[In a frame-less panel they keep in walking, Cueball holds both hands up in front of him.]

Cueball: Turns out it wasn’t the browser-the issue was with my keyboard driver.

[Zoom in on Cueball’s upper torso as he is holding a finger up.]

Cueball: Debugging that led me to a mysterious error message from a system utility…

[Zoom out as Cueball holds up a miniature sword by the blade in one hand. White Hat turns his head around and looks at it while they keep walking.]

Cueball: Anyway, long story short, I found the sword of Martin the Warrior.

White Hat: I think at some point there you switched puzzles.