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August 17, 2016

#1721: Business Idea

Business Idea

[Cueball is standing next to a rolled down projector screen holding a hand up towards his off-panel audience, one from the audience speaks. It’s is impossible to say if there are more than two persons off-panel, but it’s also impossible to say if a person who speaks in one panel also speaks in one of the next, hence the numbering.]

Cueball: Thank you all for coming.

Cueball: I have an exciting business opportunity to share.

Off-panel voice #1: Oh no.

[Zoom in on Cueball’s head. An off-panel person speaks twice.]

Cueball: Now hear me out-

Off-panel voice #2: Your ideas are always the worst.

Cueball: No, no, this time it’s a good one! I promise.

Off-panel voice #2: Uh huh…

[Front view of the screen with an image of a black gas pump, with the white hose snaking it’s way up to the black handle. And arrow points to the middle of the hose where it is at it’s highest point before the turn that goes to the handle. Cueball is pointing at the hose with a stick. Two different off-panel persons speaks to him.]

Cueball: When someone fills their car with premium gas, some of it is left in the hose, and is dispensed to the next customer even if they’ve only paid for regular. If we create a network of-

Off-panel voice #3: I’m leaving.

Off-panel voice #4: Me too.