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August 15, 2016

#1720: Horses


[Ponytail walks right with Cueball.]

Ponytail: Drunk driving was less of a problem before cars. If you got on your horse drunk and fell asleep, it could just walk home.

[Zoom in on Ponytail’s torso; she holds up a palm to proffer an idea.]

Ponytail: And if you tried to ride into a tree, the horse could be like “No.”

Ponytail: Forget human drivers – that’s the benchmark we should be judging self-driving cars against.

[The front end of a car, with the bottom of the windshield and the right side mirror just inside the panel is parked before White Hat. He is holding his hand, palm up, out to the left towards the car as he brags about it to Megan and Cueball standing in front of him admiring the car. At the top left of the panel a small frame with a caption is placed over the panels frame:]


White Hat: This baby has 200 horses under the hood and 3.5 in the computer.

Megan and Cueball: Ooooh!