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August 12, 2016

#1719: Superzoom


[White Hat and Cueball are walking right. Cueball is looking down at a camera with a long lens he is holding in both hands.]

Cueball: I love these superzoom cameras. For a few hundred dollars you can take pictures of Moon craters and Jupiter’s clouds.

[They stop, White Hat looks up in the air while Cueball does the same but through the camera he is holding up to his eye while taking pictures. The camera lens is further zoomed out and is clicking.]

Cueball: And birds! See that speck up there?


Cueball: Peregrine falcon!


Cueball: It’s banded, too. Want the number?

[White Hat looks even further up as Cueball turns left and point the even further zoomed camera almost straight up while taking photos.]

Cueball: And see that plane?


Cueball: 787 Dreamliner


Cueball: Japan Airlines.


Cueball: Registration is—

[White Hat looks back down on Cueball who has turned to the right holding the fully out-zoomed camera level to the right along the ground.]

White Hat: OK, I’m sold—I want one.


Cueball: They’re in stock at the place on Union Road.


Cueball: Hey, Kevin’s working today! He’s great.