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August 10, 2016

#1718: Backups


[Cueball] is sitting in an office chair at his desk, working on his laptop.]

Cueball: Wait. My laptop is backing up some folders to this server…

[Cueball scratches his chin in thought.]

Cueball: …Which is backing up its archives to that server…

Cueball: …And that server is syncing certain folders over to my laptop…

[In a frame-less panel Cueball clicks on his laptop keyboard.]

Click click click

[Cueball is back to working normally on his laptop. A voice speaks to him from off-panel as indicated with a starburst at the right frame.]

Cueball: …But the exponential growth is slightly slower than Moore’s law, so whatever.

Off-panel voice: Oh my God.

Off-panel voice: You are why we can’t have nice things.