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July 27, 2016

#1712: Politifact


[Megan with messy morning hair is walking right and rubs her eyes.]

Megan: I did not sleep well last night.

[A woman with hair like Megan (but a bit longer) wearing a white hat with brim and a small white card attached to the hat’s belt (like a press pass) crawls up on the pane of an open window. She begins all her sentences with the word PolitiFact. When she says this it is written in the color and style of the PolitiFact.com logo with blue Politi and red Fact. Megan has just walked past the window and has turned to look at the woman. She is still holding one hand up and her hair is still messy.]

PolitiFact: PolitiFact says mostly true!

Megan: Oh no…

[In a frame-less panel Cueball is walking right, while Megan, arms stretched out and hair flowing out behind her, runs by him chasing PolitiFact who is running with a hand up to hold her hat in place, hair also flowing out behind her.]

Cueball: Not again. Get out of here, PolitiFact!

Megan: I swear I locked that window.

PolitiFact: PolitiFact says: False!

[Cueball and Megan, looking downwards, are standing at the foot of a well made bed with two pillows, and the bedsheets drawn tight. PolitiFact’s voice emanates from a starburst at the edge of the shadow under the bed.]

Cueball: You can’t stay under there forever.

PolitiFact (voice from under bed): PolitiFact says: False!

Megan: Nobody likes you, Politifact.

PolitiFact (voice from under bed): PolitiFact says: Mostly true!