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July 22, 2016

#1710: Walking Into Things

Walking Into Things

[Meagan and Cueball, holding a smartphone in his hand, walk through a landscape with patches of grass. They are just passing behind a stump of a tree, a small bush is in front of them and there are two rocks on the ground which extends to rolling hills in the distance under a clear sky with three small white clouds to the right and two seagulls drawn as lying down 3 to the left with four more birds further left and much further away.]

Cueball: My life is basically a big controlled trial of whether I’m more likely to walk into something while looking at a book, my phone, or the sky.

[Zoom in to Megan and Cueball while they’re still walking, no background is shown. Beat panel while she ponders his statement.]

[Megan and Cueball still walking.]

Megan: The weird thing is that the rate for the control group is so high.

Cueball: Walking is hard, okay?