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July 18, 2016

#1708: Dehydration


[White Hat and Cueball standing together.]

White Hat: Many people are mildly dehydrated. And don’t realize it. You should drink at least six glasses of water per day.

[A voice comes from off-panel to the left as Ponytail enters from the left and Black Hat from the right in this frameless panel.]

Off-panel voice: No, eight glasses!

Ponytail: I heard ten.

Black Hat: You need to drink at least five glasses of water per minute.

[Megan is standing to the left holding a book or a thick binder along her side while holding up a finger with the other hand. A question comes from off-panel to the right. Above her a caption is written in a small frame that breaks the top of this panel’s frame:]


Megan: Okay, I just read through every study I could find to try to figure out whether low-grade dehydration is even a real thing.

Off-panel voice: What did you learn?

[Megan looking downwards, has two starbursts a circles and two dots above her head signifying dizziness. Cueball stands to the right as another voice comes from off-panel to the right.]

Megan: If you spend all day doing research and forget to eat or drink, you start to feel pretty bad.

Off-panel voice: I’ll get some water.

Megan: But how many glas - Whoa, feeling dizzy.

Cueball: Maybe you should just drink straight from the tap.