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July 15, 2016

#1707: xkcd Phone 4

xkcd Phone 4

[An image of a smartphone featuring wings is shown. Clockwise from the top left the labels read:]

18,000 μAh nickel-lithium-iron battery (non-rechargeable)


“Dog whistle”

Non-porous, washable

WebMD partnership: Cough-activated feature reads aloud a random diagnosis for “coughing”


Beveled bezel

Bezeled bevel


Water resistant down to 30 meters and below 50


Gregorian/Julian calendar switch

SpaceX impact protection: When dropped, phone lands on barge

Parallel port

12 headphone jacks

Onboard cloud

New BrightGloTM display incorporates genetically spliced jellyfish protein (should have used the glowing genes, not the stinging ones)

✓ Certified


Exposed ductwork

Voice interaction: Siri, Cortana, Google Now and Alexa respond simultaneously

[Below the phone:]


The xkcd Phone 4

Did you know “4” is “IV” in Roman numerals?®©™