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July 13, 2016

#1706: Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing

[Cueball and Megan are talking to each other.]

Cueball: I sent a DNA sample to one of those “Trace your ancestry” projects.

Megan: How legit are those?

Cueball: No idea. I just figured it’d be fun.

Six weeks later…

[Cueball walks towards Megan with a letter in his hand.]

Cueball: Sweet, got my results back.

Megan: Ooh, share!

Ancestry Report

48% Labrador Retriever

35% Beagle

12% Cocker Spaniel

5% Other

[Megan is holding the report.]

Megan: I think you sent your sample to the wrong service.

Cueball: Just in case, I should probably start avoiding chocolate.