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June 29, 2016

#1700: New Bug

New Bug

[Cueball sits at his desk in front of his computer leaning back and turning away from it to speak to a person off-panel.]

Cueball: Can you take a look at the bug I just opened?

Off-panel voice: Uh oh.

[Zoom out and pan to show only Cueball sitting on his chair facing away from the computer, which is now off-panel. The person speaking to him is still of panel even though this panel is much broader.]

Off-panel voice: Is this a normal bug, or one of those horrifying ones that prove your whole project is broken beyond repair and should be burned to the ground?

[Zoom in on Cueball’s head and upper torso.]

Cueball: It’s a normal one this time, I promise.

Off-panel voice: OK, what’s the bug?

[Back to a view similar to the first panel where Cueball has turned towards the computer and points at the screen with one hand.]

Cueball: The server crashes if a user’s password is a resolvable URL.

Off-panel voice: I’ll get the lighter fluid.