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June 17, 2016

#1695: Code Quality 2

Code Quality 2

[Zoom in on Ponytail sitting in front of a computer screen typing. Cueball speaks only off-panel, but since this is a direct continuation of comic 1513: Code Quality where Cueball is shown, there can be no doubt it is him.]

Ponytail: Ugh, I hate reading your code.

Cueball (off-panel): I know, I know.

[Zoom out of Ponytail in an office chair in front of the computer on a desk.]

Ponytail: It’s like you ran OCR on a photo of a Scrabble board from a game where Javascript reserved words counted for triple points.

[Zoom in on Ponytails head.]

Ponytail: It looks like someone transcribed a naval weather forecast while woodpeckers hammered their shift keys, then randomly indented it.

[Zoom out back to the setting of the second panel.]

Ponytail: It’s like an E E Cummings poem written using only the usernames a website suggests when the one you want is taken.

[Zoom in to Ponytails head and the screen in a wider panel. Finally Cueball again answers off-panel.]

Ponytail: This looks like the output of a Markov bot that’s been fed bus timetables from a city where the buses crash constantly.

Cueball (off-panel): Whatever, it runs fine for now.

Ponytail: So does a burning bus.