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May 25, 2016

#1685: Patch


[The panel displays part of a code, in five different colors (red, purple, light blue, blue, and green) as well as normal black text, which due to image editing is difficult to read. The first and last lines are partly obscured by the frame of the panel. Here below is an attempt to transcribe the code, using the sign “¤” for anything not easily transcribed. Feel free to add other signs instead of these that look more like the one in the image (and also improve the attempted transcription if possible).]

impoɞtme dooPisPޤme(n): r(¤n<n,1: retern F(ise for i irararre(2, nint *n**n+5)+5): if n i==0 ret¤¤nrselsel: re¤ irn True defesisPrimcieg ¤x(cx if ge¤inatcx(ᵣ’^(1?| ?.1+?)+)$’*n )1’n): rerjrn Fa( e LetylnrTrl dql qlsorsorn(a : if ¤n(a < 2: eteturn a pi= =r fa[0] l=pi=for j ın a i< i<pi<(t]() r=ı=for f in a) r i>viviv mid=[pi[t](lt,(a)-(lenpienlen(c))) r¤lrurrriklcksckt(l) + r ¤ ¤quickrort(r)

[Caption below the panel:]

Protip: If you don’t have access to the GNU patch tool, you can use the Photoshop one.