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May 23, 2016

#1684: Rainbow


[Cueball looks up on a rainbow band going through the top right corner of the panel. A black blob in the bottom of the panel right of Cueball with white text inside shows the reply from God to the questions. The blobs continue through the rest of the comic.]

Cueball: Wow, God- What’s that band of color?

God: A rainbow.

God: It is a sign of my promise that I will never again flood the Earth.

[A frameless panel.]

Cueball: Oh, good! Hey, what about that second bow above the first one?

God: Oh, uh, sign of my promise not to set the earth on fire.

God: Sorry for doing that a while back.

[Cueball points left.]

Cueball: What about that third faint bow near the sun?

God: My promise to never again destroy Earth’s ecosystem by making raccoons immortal.

[Cueball points even higher up towards left.]

Cueball: And the little rainbow clouds on either side of-

God: Look, I said I’m sorry. Can we just drop it?