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May 16, 2016

#1681: Laser Products

Laser Products

[Heading above the table:]

Online Reviews of Laser Products

[A three by three table with one word to the far left, from which three lines split out and goes to three words just left of each of the three rows. Above each column is three other words. Below in the table are nine reviews with star rating on a five star scale. The actual rating is indicated with black stars and also use half filled stars in the rating system. The ratings are written in the table in square brackets.]

…surgery …removal …printer Laser eye… [4 1/2 stars] “I don’t need glasses anymore!”

[1/2 star] “Aaaaaaa! Misread the description! Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!” [1 star] “Eww.”

jet… [1 1/2 stars] “Too nervous to try it.”

[2 1/2 stars] “Effective, but the FAA got really mad.” [4 stars] “Prints great!”

hair… [2 1/2 stars] “Confusing term for haircut. Burning smell.” [4 stars] “Great results!”

[1/2 star] “Disgusting, won’t turn off, jams constantly.”