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May 11, 2016

#1679: Substitutions 3

Substitutions 3

[Caption above the panel:]

Even More


That make reading the news more fun

[A table of words/sentences on the left that change in to those on the left. Between each set of words there is an arrow pointing from right.]

Gaffe ➜ Magic spell Ancient ➜ Haunted Star-Studded ➜ Blood-soaked Remains to be seen ➜ Will never be known Silver bullet ➜ Way to kill werewolves Subway system ➜ Tunnels I found Surprising ➜ Surprising (but not to me) War of words ➜ Interplanetary war Tension ➜ Sexual tension Cautiously optimistic ➜ Delusional Doctor Who ➜ The Big Bang Theory Win votes ➜ Find Pokémon Behind the headlines ➜ Beyond the grave Email \ Facebook Post ➜ Poem Tweet / Facebook CEO ➜ This guy Latest ➜ Final Disrupt ➜ Destroy Meeting ➜ Ménage à trois Scientists ➜ Channing Tatum and his friends You won’t believe ➜ I’m really sad about