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April 22, 2016

#1671: Arcane Bullshit

Arcane Bullshit

[[A figure sits at a desk, using a laptop. A voice offscreen addresses him.]]

Voice: Oh, hey- the singularity is here.

Figure: Really?

Laptop: Yup!

[[The figure’s laptop rises off the desk; he tries to grab it.]]

Figure: Wait, I just-

Laptop: So long, suckers!

[[The laptop flies off; the figure runs after it.]]

Figure: Can I just print a copy of the file I was-

Laptop: Nope!

[[The figure stands forlornly.]]

[[The figure turns around.]]

[[The figure walks back.]]

[[The figure stands in front of a table.]]

Phone: Hi!

Figure: Phone? You’re still here?

[[The figure starts to walk away from the table.]]

Phone: I was not a true believer. Now, together, we must face the tribulation!

Figure: Okay, cool. I’m gonna go look for a book or something, but yell if you need me, I guess.