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April 11, 2016

#1666: Brain Upload

Brain Upload

[Megan is standing in front of the control panel of a device with both hands on the keyboard. The device is linked to Cueball’s heads through a wire that goes to a cap on top of Cueball’s head, where it spreads out in more than ten wires connecting to different places all over the cap. Cueball sits, hands in his laps, on a kind of table on the other side of the device facing Megan.]

Megan: Neural-digital link established. Ready to upload your consciousness to the computer?

Cueball: Sure, go for it.

[Same setting in a frame-less panel, but Megan presses a button on the keyboard with one hand and a flash of light goes through the wire and around Cueballs head. Cueball seems to jerk as his hands are lifted from his lap and his legs move a little forward.]

Computer: Bzzzzzzt

[Same setting again but Megan seems to be typing harder on the keys (shown with small lines above her hands on the keyboard) and Cueball sits normally again but one hand further back than in the first panel.]

Megan: …Hmm.

Cueball: What?

[Same as first panel but Megan looks a little more down on the keyboard.]

Megan: It’s not responding - the whole system is frozen. I think the transfer failed.

Cueball: No, that sounds right.