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March 9, 2016

#1653: United States Map

United States Map

[[Black Hat Guy gestures at a person in a car in front of him, indicating they should drive behind him.]]

BHG: Just pull onto the receiving platform.

Driver: Cool - I’ve always wanted to try one of these futuristic robotic garages.

[[The car is on the receiving platform, and the driver walks away from it, towards BHG.]]

[[As they watch, a giant robotic arm lifts the car by its hood.]]

Driver: Um.

[[The arm turns around and holds the car over a giant bin marked ‘CARS’.]]

[[The arm lets go, dropping the car into the bin.]]


[[BHG and the driver are standing next to the receiving platform.]]

BHG: We’ll dump out the bin when you get back and you can pick out your car from the pile.

Driver: Can you at least make sure it’s not on the bottom?

BHG: Look, robots aren’t magic.