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March 7, 2016

#1652: Conditionals


[[A person is confronted with a couple, holding their newborn baby. They think a series of thoughts, each of which are crossed out in the thought bubble.]]

Person (thinking): Wow, it’s getting so big! Unlike most babies, which stay the same size forever.

Hi! I’m talking to a baby!

What brand is it?

Wow, definitely much smaller than a regular person!

You sure did make that.


5 stars, Great baby.

It doesn’t really look like you since you’re not a baby.

So do they learn words one at a tie alphabetically or can you pick the order or what?

I hope it does a good job.

Person (says aloud): Wow, that’s a really cool baby!

Person (thinks): Dammit.

I can never figure out what to say to babies.