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March 25, 2016

#1660: Captain Speaking

Captain Speaking

[[A woman sits at a desk with a laptop.]]

Woman: Aaaa! I’m so bad at estimating how long projects will take.

[[A second woman walks on panel.]]

Woman 2: Don’t panic - there’s a simple trick for that: take your most realistic estimate, then double it.

Woman: Okay, but:

Woman 2: Now double it again. Add five minutes. Double it a third time.

Woman: Okay…

[[The second figure has her arms in the air. The first runs around screaming.]]

Woman 2: 30 seconds have gone by and you’ve done nothing but double imaginary numbers! You’re making no progress and will never finish!

Woman: Aaaaaa!

Woman 2: Paaaniiic!

Woman: Aaaaaaa!