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March 2, 2016

#1650: Baby


[Cueball is standing in front of a family consisting a Cueball-like guy holding a newborn baby, with spiky hair, in a blanket and Megan. Cueball is thinking lots of thoughts about what to say to the couple upon seeing their baby for the first time. There is thus a huge thinking bubble in the top of the panel above the characters. Everything in this bubble has been crossed out like taking a pencil and drawing lines on top of the text, but it can still be read. After using all this time thinking, Cueball finally decides what to say, only to immediately regret this as can be seen in a small thought bubble below his spoken line, which is between the huge and the small bubble.]

Cueball (thoughts that are crossed out):

Wow, it’s getting so big! Unlike most babies, which stay the same size forever.

Hi! I’m talking to a baby!

What brand is it?

Wow, definitely much smaller than a regular person!

You sure did make that.

★★★★☆ Great baby.

It doesn’t really look like you since you’re not a baby.

So do they learn words one at a time alphabetically or can you pick the order or what?

I hope it does a good job.

Cueball: Wow, that’s a really cool baby!

Cueball (thinking): Dammit.

[Caption below the panel:]

I can never figure out what to say about babies.