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February 19, 2016

#1645: Toasts


[[A person looks at their phone. Someone speaks to them from out of panel.]]

Other: Hey, what’s the temperature outside?

Person: (thinks) Should I give it in ºF or ºC?

[[Above their head, a bulleted list appears.]]


•international standard

•helps reduce America’s weird isolationism

•nice how “negative” means below freezing

•physics major loyalty

•easier to spell

•we lost a Mars probe over this crap

[[Another list appears above their head.]]


•0ºF to 100ºF good match for temperature range in which most humans live

•rounds more usefully (70’s, 90’s)

•unit-aware computing makes Imperial less annoying

•SI prefixes less relevant for temperatures

•Fahrenheit likely more clear in this context

•valuing unit standardization over being helpful possibly makes me a bad friend

[[He’s still thinking.]]

Person: (thinks)Crap, gotta pick something. Uhh… (says) …0.173 radians.

Other: I’ll just go check myself.