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December 7, 2016

#1769: Never Seen Star Wars

Never Seen Star Wars

[White Hat is facing Cueball while talking to him.]

White Hat: You know the scene on the Death Star where–

Cueball: Nah, I’ve never seen Star Wars.

[Close-up of White Hat in a smaller panel.]

White Hat: WHAT.

[White Hat and Cueball are still facing each other.]

White Hat: …How?!

Cueball: Uh, it was easy?

Cueball: It was literally the default option.

[Close up of Cueball. White Hat is speaking off-panel.]

White Hat: But… How did you–

Cueball: Not doing things is my superpower. I’m not doing an infinite number of things as we speak!

[White Hat and Cueball are still facing each other.]

White Hat: We have to watch it.

Cueball: Nah, I’m good.

[White Hat has turned away from Cueball and has his hands to his mouth to shout to people off-panel. Cueball has likewise turned away as he walks away and is speaking back over his shoulder.]

White Hat: Hey everyone! This guy’s never seen Star Wars!

Cueball: Listen, I gotta go.

[A small caption above the single panel.]


[Ponytail is looking down at her phone in her left hand while Cueball is facing her.]

Ponytail: Wait, there’s a new Star Wars?

Cueball: Oh, I’ve nev–

Cueball: …yeah! Excited for it! Big fan.

[Ponytail holds her phone to her side, transferred to her right hand, as she and Cueball face each other.]

Ponytail: What’d you think of the last one?

Cueball: Uh… That Darth Vader, man.

Cueball: Sure does love eating Jedi.

[Ponytail and Cueball continue facing each other.]

Ponytail: Haha, he sure does!

Cueball (thinking): Phew.

Ponytail (thinking): Phew.