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December 30, 2016

#1779: 2017


[Cueball and Megan walking outdoors]

Cueball: Can’t wait for this stupid year to be over.

[The two approach a fallen tree]

Megan: I can. This year made the future scarier. So much of why 2016 was bad was because of the things it sent us into 2017 without.

[Megan has hopped up onto the tree trunk and begins to walk along it]

Cueball: You gotta have hope, though.

Megan: You say that, but you also said all this awful stuff couldn’t happen, and it did. You’re as clueless as the rest of us.

[Cueball also walks along the tree trunk as Megan stops and turns to look at him]

Cueball: Well, if we’re wrong about which bad things can happen, it’s got to make us at least a little less sure about which good things can’t.

[Closeup of Megan hopping down from the tree]

Megan: I guess.

[A distant shot of Megan and Cueball walking along again]

Cueball: Plus, 2017 has a cool eclipse in it.

Megan: Ooh, yeah!

Cueball: And it’s prime. Prime years have always been good for me.

Megan: Sure, I’ll take it.