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December 28, 2016

#1778: Interest Timescales

Interest Timescales

[At the bottom of this chart there is a long double arrow pointing at two words:]



[Above the line there are four drawings going from left to right:]

[Cueball watches a fireworks display to the left of him, two firework rockets are going up and another one is exploding even higher.]

Cueball: Ooooh!

[A tine Cueball is watching a space rockets launch to the left of him while he is holding his arms in the air. The main rocket rises on a hughe plume of smoke.]

Cueball: Wow!

[Cueball climbs a tree, holding on to the left of the two main branches going out from the trunk beneath the treetop.]

Cueball: Zoom!

[A person, presumably Cueball, is standing at the tip of the highest mountain in a mountain range. The largest mountain in the background has three peaks, with Cueball on top of the tallest central peak. Four other much smaller (or distant) peaks are shown behind the big mountain, two on either side. All five mountains have a line beneath the tip that most likely indicate snow. On the big mountain the two tallest peaks are above this line, but not the third.]

Cueball: Wheeeee!

[Caption below the panel:]

Most of my interests fall under “things rising up from the ground, hanging in the air, and then drifting away on the breeze,” just on very different timescales.